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CLASSIC Button up this

CLASSIC Button up this quintessential poplin slim-fit double-cuff cotton shirt, £89 (€112) Wear it on any occasion It’s good to have clothes and accessories which combine elegant looks with flexibility, ones you can use all year round, in the office or at a bar for a whiskey or two. From the top: Bamboo-handled umbrella by London Undercover, £60 (€75), midnight blue, wool-blend Piqué travel blazer by Canali, £780 (€935). Both from SLIM-FIT Pull on these garment-dyed intense purple Italian jeans by Etro and feel the difference, £255 (€280) via ignition Improve your personal performance through smart and flexible new clothes and shiny and speedy gadgets before rewarding yourself with slow-cooked, great-tasting food Speedy boat Riva’s in the fast lane This is the right kind of boat for your next holiday. Because the new Riva ’88 Florida yacht is built for 20 people (including four cabins and bathrooms) you can also invite your best friends. But the most exciting thing about the ’88 Florida is its engine: 2435hp makes for an 38.5-knot top speed which should leave every other speedboat behind so you shouldn’t have to worry about pirates… STYLISH SWEDE A weekend bag using vegetable tanned leather and a 30-litre volume, £260 (€329) from SUEDE Chukka boots made with hard-wearing Goodyear sole by Grenson, £190 (€240) via 8 j THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE

Watch it JAGUAR AND BREMONT have joined forces on six chronometers to complement the six new lightweight E-Types being built to finalise the original ’63 production run. Later this year more commercially available versions will arrive so more of you can get a chance to don one of these great-looking time-pieces. Eat it Why fine art and food mix at Hix… For those who appreciate fine art and fine food, the latest London restaurant from celebrated chef Mark Hix – Hixter Bankside – could be just the ticket. Only a few minutes’ walk south of the river from the globally revered Tate Modern art gallery and Borough Market food paradise, Hixter Bankside is Hix’s biggest restaurant yet. The converted metal box factory houses specially commissioned art from leading British artists including Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk and focuses on casual dining with a simple menu based around carefully sourced, high-quality roast chicken and beef steak. The ex-Ivy, Dorset-raised cook already has a restaurant in Lyme Regis, just around the corner from his hometown of Charmouth and half a dozen others in London including the Hix Oyster & Chop House and Hix at Selfridges. Hixter Bankside’s basement plays host to his latest award-winning cocktail emporium – Mark’s Bar – while private dining rooms are available for eight to 50 guests. With kids under 10 allowed to eat for free every day from 4 to 6pm the Hixter could be the perfect family-friendly artistic and culinary experience combined. PHOTOGRAPHY: PR (12); ANDREW FRANCIS WALLACE/TORONTO STAR/GETTY IMAGES Fast food often used to mean trash food. But now young chefs show that delicious dishes can be served quickly Food trucks A second trend we love: excellent quality dishes from nice guys in trucks (or mobile restaurants). Here are three: (Toronto, right), (Frankfurt), (LA) And the matching film... Chef (2014). Jon Favreau is a stressed-out cook who loses his restaurant but re-finds his love of food through opening an acclaimed food truck instead. Out now on DVD Non-booking... is a trend we love: instead of calling, booking and hurrying to be in time, just be served when you arrive. If the restaurant is full, the waiters will call or text you when a table is free (and some have apps where you can see your place in the queue remotely). Or simply wait, because guests just eat and leave. Fast food fast. In London: (left) THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE j 9




Jaguar Magazine celebrates creativity in all its forms, with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from beautiful design to cutting-edge technology.

In this issue, we explore the art of creativity from the Brazilian masters who devised the graceful art of Capoeira, to the Irish artists mixing new culture with old. You will also discover the creative line that links Victorian wallpaper to the iPhone. While the multi-talented actor and performer, Riz Ahmed, explains why it is the right time to reveal his true self to the world.


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