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CULTURE WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO SLIP ON A SMART LEATHER COAT AND SLICK THEIR HAIR BACK, LIKE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IN THE LAST STAR TREK MOVIE, AND LET THEIR DARKEST, INNERMOST THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS RUN LOOSE? Is it all about the men? Largely, yes. Female British villains are much rarer (although it’s worth remembering Angela Lansbury‘s unlikely Machiavellian and Oscar-nominated turn as the sinister, controlling mother of a politician in the 1962 film The Manchurian Candidate). One Oscar-winning actress, Helen Mirren, is having none of it: “I think it’s rather unfortunate that the villain in every movie is always British. We’re such an easy target that they can comfortably make the Brits the villains.” Maybe Mirren simply hasn’t had the chance to cackle wildly while sending victims to a horrible death at the hands of a vicious superpower? One actor who has, Alfred Molina, is much more circumspect: “I think it would be a problem if Hollywood was casting British actors only as villains; if that were the case, then certainly there would be cause for concern.” You suspect there’s another reason why Hollywood keeps casting Brits as the villain. Yes, they give an air of sophistication and cultured menace – a sense of the vicious but smart ‘other’ – but maybe the actors just relish playing baddies? After all, who wouldn’t want to slip on a smart leather coat, slick their hair back, like Benedict Cumberbatch in the last Star Trek movie, and then let their darkest, innermost thoughts and actions run loose? For all the clever reasoning and historical traditions around Brits playing bad, it also quite simply looks like a lot of fun. 90s IT (1990) Actor: TIM CURRY Character: Pennywise THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) Actor: ANTHONY HOPKINS (above) Character: Hannibal Lecter Bonus fact: Hopkins doesn’t actually say much in the film. At 24 minutes and 52 seconds his performance is the shortest ever to win an Oscar for Best Actor ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES (1991) Actor: ALAN RICKMAN Character: Sheriff of Nottingham THE LION KING (1994) Voice: JEREMY IRONS Character: Scar DRAGONHEART (1996) Actor: DAVID THEWLIS Character: King Einon Source: DVD The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe PHOTOGRAPHY: PICTURE ALLIANCE, DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC. AND WALDEN MEDIA, LLC 40 j THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE

PHOTOGRAPHY: HULTON ARCHIVE/GETTY IMAGES, MARVEL STUDIOS, COLUMBIA PICTURES INDUSTRIES, INC. ZDF/ALEX BAILEY, PARAMOUNT PICTURES 2000s SEXY BEAST (2000) Actors: RAY WINSTONE & SIR BEN KINGSLEY Character: Gary Dove & Don Logan Bonus fact: Logan says ‘No’ an awful lot in this film X-MEN (2000) Actor: Ian McKellen Character: Magneto AMERICAN PSYCHO (2000) Actor: CHRISTIAN BALE Character: Patrick Bateman GANGS OF NEW YORK (2002) Actor: DANIEL DAY-LEWIS Character: Bill “The Butcher” Cutting ROAD TO PERDITION (2002) Actor: JUDE LAW Character: Harlen Maguire SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) Actor: ALFRED MOLINA Character: Doctor Octopus THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) Actor: TILDA SWINTON (left) Character: Jadis, the White Witch Bonus fact: Grossing £438 million (€550m) worldwide, it was 2005’s third most successful film HARRY POTTER (various – 2005-11) Actor: RALPH FIENNES Character: Lord Voldemort THE DA VINCI CODE (2006) Actor: PAUL BETTANY Character: Silas SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009) Actor: MARK STRONG (right) Character: Lord Henry Blackwood Remind yourself why it’s good to be bad by watching the original Jaguar advert at 2010s THOR (2011) Actor: TOM HIDDLESTON (above) Character: Loki Bonus fact: Initially Hiddleston auditioned to play Thor but director Kenneth Branagh decided his talent would be better harnessed playing Loki, Thor’s adopted brother TOTAL RECALL (2012) Actor: KATE BECKINSALE (left) Character: Lori Quaid, Douglas Quaid‘s wife Bonus fact: Lori isn‘t his real wife, just someone hired to pose as his wife to keep an eye on him THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012) Actor: TOM HARDY Character: Bane STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (2013) Actor: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH Character: Khan Bonus fact: Cumberbatch’s middle names are ‘Timothy’ and ‘Carlton’ THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE j 41

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Jaguar Magazine celebrates creativity in all its forms, with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from beautiful design to cutting-edge technology.

In this issue, we explore the art of creativity from the Brazilian masters who devised the graceful art of Capoeira, to the Irish artists mixing new culture with old. You will also discover the creative line that links Victorian wallpaper to the iPhone. While the multi-talented actor and performer, Riz Ahmed, explains why it is the right time to reveal his true self to the world.


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