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A charged-up drive of the New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal’s Algarve | The inside line on the creation of the revolutionary I-PACE | Reinventing a classic: meet the E-type Concept Zero | Fifty years of the iconic XJ saloon | Exclusive interview with tennis star Johanna Konta | Can supercomputers revolutionise art?

The Curve SUMMER 2018

The Curve SUMMER 2018 CITIES LITERARY INSPIRATION With 1.2 million books lining its shelves, you’re unlikely to struggle for anything to read at the Tianjin Binhai Library in Tianjin. Its spectacular futuristic design, which went from first sketch to doors opening in just 36 months, was created by Dutch architects MVRDV in collaboration with local architects TUPDI. The two studios wanted to give visitors the feeling of being lost in a sea of words, and chose to create series of undulating ‘bookshelves’ that pulse up and out around a central spherical auditorium. The shelves, however, aren’t actually stacked with real books. Instead, they are a playful illusion made from printed images that work as steps and seating for visitors. The effect is inspiring, though: it might just be the best coworking space in the world. “ STYLE FOOTWEAR FOR THE FUTURE 20,000 3D PRINTED STRUTS CAN EACH BE TWEAKED TO THE INDIVIDUAL WEARER’S POSTURE AND GAIT The 3D printing revolution has resulted in machines that can create computer parts, food and even entirely new 3D printers within minutes. And now, you can wear 3D printed shoes. Adidas’ Futurecraft 4D sneakers are an intriguing wonder of modern additive manufacturing. The midsole is made up of 20,000 3D printed struts, each of which can be tweaked during manufacture to the individual wearer’s posture and gait. The end result? A unique piece of apparel that’s made just for your feet. Little wonder that the individually tailored manufacturing process is being considered for use in the company’s professional basketball shoes. PHOTOGRAPHY: OSSIP VAN DUIVENBODE/MVRDV/VG BILD KUNST, ADIDAS 10 THE JAGUAR

F-PACE SVR BORN TO RUN Stunning performance, unsurpassed luxury and cutting-edge technology lie at the heart of the work done by Jaguar Land Rover’s specialist manufacturing unit, Special Vehicle Operations. Working from its brand new, £20 million Technical Centre in Warwickshire, England, its engineers apply their sharp skills to standard Jaguar vehicles and elevate them to an exciting new level. The F-PACE SVR is the latest car to receive the SVR treatment, combining breathtaking performance and agility with comfort, luxury and practicality. An SUV that feels and handles like a sports car, it is the most driver-focused F-PACE variant to date with a full suite of unique features that will enliven your senses as you take to the roads. At its heart is a 550PS 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 petrol engine, capable of taking the vehicle from 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds. The new SVR aerodynamic package is based on state-of-the-art aerodynamics research and includes a number of design updates to the body: the specially developed fenders, lower body sides and bonnet are unique to the F-PACE SVR and have been added to allow for improved air flow that will help reduce drag and lift. A rear flip spoiler aids high-speed stability, and upgraded brakes, enhanced steering and lightweight forged wheels deliver greater control and more immediate dynamic response and traction. Inside, the SVR introduces new materials like carbon fibre and a range of updated cabin elements, including an SVR branded steering wheel and new aluminium paddle shifters. And the F-PACE SVR doesn’t just look and feel different, it also sounds truly special, thanks to the Variable Valve Active Exhaust delivering a louder, distinctive multi-cylinder soundtrack that’s sure to turn heads. AN SUV THAT FEELS AND HANDLES LIKE A SPORTS CAR, IT IS THE MOST DRIVER- FOCUSED F-PACE “VARIANT TO DATE OFFICIAL EU FUEL CONSUMPTION FIGURES FOR THE F-PACE SVR in l/100km (mpg): 11.7; CO 2 emissions g/km: 272. For comparison purposes only. Real world figures may differ. THE JAGUAR 11




Jaguar Magazine celebrates creativity in all its forms, with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from beautiful design to cutting-edge technology.

In this issue, we explore the art of creativity from the Brazilian masters who devised the graceful art of Capoeira, to the Irish artists mixing new culture with old. You will also discover the creative line that links Victorian wallpaper to the iPhone. While the multi-talented actor and performer, Riz Ahmed, explains why it is the right time to reveal his true self to the world.


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