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The JAGUAR #03

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The latest issue introduces our new ‘cub’, the E-PACE compact practical sports car, which is already turning heads on the street. As we commit to electrifying every new Jaguar from 2020, we explore how pushing boundaries on track helps develop our sports cars, from writing motorsport history at Le Mans, to taking on the Nürburgring with the extreme XE SV Project 8 and being at the very cutting edge with the FIA Formula E Championship.


FORMULA E FORWARD MOMENTUM WITH PANASONIC JAGUAR RACING’S FIRST FIA FORMULA E SEASON COMPLETE, THE JAGUAR TALKS TO KEY PLAYERS IN THE TEAM TO DISCOVER WHAT THEY’VE LEARNED AND WHAT WE CAN LOOK FORWARD TO NEXT WORDS: Guy Bird RACE 1 & 2 – HONG KONG 02 & 03 Dec 2017 The Chinese city’s high-rise harbour front is sure to make a stunning backdrop for the first doubleheader races of the 2017-18 season. T5 T6 T7 T4 T3 T2 T8 T10 T9 2.9KM (1.8 MILES) T8 T9 T10 T7 Pit Lane T4 T6 T11 1.86KM (1.16 MILES) T12 Start T1 RACE 3 – MARRAKESH 13 Jan 2018 Formula E’s only African venue next season is in the highly atmospheric and ancient Moroccan city. This will be its second championship appearance. T5 T3 Pit Lane T2 Start T1 With season three of the world’s most future-facing motorsport racing series over, the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team has had time to take stock, re-group and focus on season four. “We’ve learnt a huge amount in our first season and have really enjoyed the challenge of Jaguar’s first year of all-electric street racing,” says team director James Barclay. “Formula E was uncharted waters for us,” adds race director Craig Wilson, “and our competitiveness was always going to be restricted in our first season. We only had three months to design, build and homologate our car with no room to develop or test during the season, under the rules.” But despite that reality check, the 2016/2017 season still had its highlights for Panasonic Jaguar Racing, including an exciting fourth place finish for driver Mitch Evans in Mexico, along with his best ever qualifying result in the last race of the season in Montreal. Over the 12 races in nine cities points were posted, and valuable experience was gained. “It’s been a solid year and I’m proud to have played a part in bringing such a famous name back to racing,” says 23-year old New Zealander Evans. The introductory learning year for the team has provided solid foundation for progression next season, and with interest rapidly building in Formula E, the series is certainly the place to be for such an innovative manufacturer like Jaguar. With that in mind it’s very much onwards and upwards for the team and the new season. “We’re really excited about our potential,” enthuses Barclay. “All we have learnt has gone into the design, build and development of our new Jaguar I-TYPE. Testing’s going well and our focus is squarely on season four and beyond, and we’re looking forward to regularly competing for points in 2017/2018. Whether you helped give us an interactive FanBoost, or cheered from the factory, stands or the sofa, we’re thankful to have such strong support. See you in Hong Kong.” Keep track of the team at PHOTOGRAPHY: NIGEL HARNIMAN RACE 4 – SANTIAGO (NEW) 03 Feb 2018 This is the first of three new cities in the 2017-18 calendar, and its announcement is so new its course is yet to be defined as The Jaguar went to press. Whatever the route, expect the Chilean capital to be a great Formula E addition. RACE 5 – MEXICO 03 Mar 2018 This race – incorporating parts of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez – saw Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s best result of the 2016-17 season with a fourth for Mitch Evans. The circuit also boasts the highest altitude in Formula E. RACE 6 – SAO PAULO (NEW) 17 Mar 2018 The cosmopolitan Brazilian city will host the racing-mad South American country’s first ever Formula E race. This round represents the second of three new race locations for the 2017-18 season. 2.1KM (1.3 MILES) Start T18 Pit Lane T9 T8 T17 T16 T11 T15 T10 T12 T14 T7 T13 T6 T5 T4 T1 T2 T3 40 THE JAGUAR

RACE 13 & 14 – MONTREAL 28 & 29 Jul 2018 Like in 2016-17, the Canadian city will again play host to the Formula E season’s climax with the third doubleheader racing weekend sure to be full of ups and downs, as the final driver and team placings are decided. 2.75KM (1.71 MILES) T10 T9 T11 T14 T12 T13 Start Pit Lane T1 T8 T7 T3 T2 T6 T5 T4 RACE 11 & 12 – NEW YORK 07 & 08 Jul 2018 Another double-header venue – where teams and drivers can score points on the Saturday and Sunday races – the NYC circuit runs through the waterfront area of Red Hook, Brooklyn with the iconic Manhattan skyline behind. T6 T5 T3 T7 1.95KM (1.2 MILES) T4 T2 T8 T9 T10 Start T1 Pit Lane RACE 10 – TBC 09 Jun 2018 The location was still to be revealed as The Jaguar magazine went to press. “ALL WE HAVE LEARNT HAS GONE INTO THE DESIGN, BUILD AND DEVELOPMENT OF OUR NEW JAGUAR I-TYPE” RACE 7 – ROME (NEW) 14 Apr 2018 The circuit for the inaugural ePrix in Italy’s historic capital was still being decided as The Jaguar magazine went to press. It’s set to be one of the most picturesque and, if it passes the Colosseum, will hopefully inspire racers’ gladitorial instincts. RACE 8 – PARIS 28 Apr 2018 The French capital is a popular veteran of the ePrix calendar, having already hosted two seasons of Formula E racing around its testing 1.93km circuit in the historic Les Invalides location. In 2017, a crowd of 46,000 watched the race. RACE 9 – GERMANY (TBC) 19 May 2018 Germany’s energetic capital Berlin played host to the German ePrix for the first three seasons of Formula E, but it will be a new city for 2017-18. The location was still to be confirmed at the time of going to press. 1.9KM (1.18 MILES) T7 T6 T8 T9 T11 T10 T12 T13 Pit Lane T4 T5 T3 T2 Start T14 T1 THE JAGUAR 41

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