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The Jaguar #02

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In this issue, we introduce a fresh new addition to the Jaguar family with the launch of the E-PACE. F1 racer Romain Grosjean reveals his passion for Jaguar while the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team give an insight into their preparations. Plus, we get to grips with the fast-paced sport of drone racing and spend a unique day with the XF Sportbrake.


SMART STEERING Spinning wheels and split-second decisions: Jaguar‘s Smart Cone technology has been designed to bring out the best in every driver as THE ART OF PERFORMANCE TOUR 2 sets out to deliver The World‘s Toughest Circuit WORDS: Chris Stokel-Walker Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver Adam Carroll (left) is among the professional racers who have tested “The World’s Toughest Circuit” 58 THE JAGUAR

PHOTOGRAPHY: © XISCO FURTHER/WWW.XISCOFURTHER.COM You have to keep your eyes up at all times. It’s very easy to become fixated on just one gate and then not see where the next light is going to be. You have to stay controlled.” Panasonic Jaguar Racing driver Adam Carroll is no stranger to the challenges of some of the world’s most difficult racing circuits. As a professional driver, he is used to anticipating tricky bends and opponents’ manoeuvres in literally all conditions. Still, as he is throwing his roaring F-TYPE around the Brands Hatch circuit in Kent, United Kingdom, his eyes stay glued to the track and the 24 white, 70-centimeter tall moulded plastic cones in front of him, each equipped with a small beacon that lights up green as he soars by, indicating where to go next. “The trick is not to over-drive,” he continues. “Don’t go too fast into the corner, but don’t brake too little, either.” He looks for the next set of cones as they light up ahead of him, then throws the F-TYPE into just the right curve and avoids understeer, effortlessly braking only what’s absolutely needed to minimise time loss. It’s the work of a pro – but the unpredictability of the ever-changing circuit requires him to dig deep and bring out the skills that have secured him a place as one of the world’s foremost Formula E racers. The track at Brands Hatch commanding this display of world-class racing talent has been built to demonstrate Jaguar’s ground-breaking Smart Cone technology, a new way of building race tracks and testing awareness skills, developed forJaguar’s second instalment of The Art of Performance Tour. The principle is simple: to set up a circuit, up to 24 Smart Cone beacons are laid out in a suitably sized open space before the drivers are let loose. Once a driver is underway, the cones can be configured in more than a million ways during the actual race. This means that while you may hit the first curve just right, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the next beacons and see how they react to achieve your best time overall. It is this unpredictability and almost endless configuration possibilities that have led the Jaguar Experience Team to call the test “The World’s Toughest Circuit”. The technology behind Smart Cone, however, is far from simple. “Each Smart Cone kit has a number of different elements to it,” explains Will Garrity, part of The Art of Performance Tour team at Jaguar Experience, who helped develop the Smart Cone technology and now brings it to customers across the globe. The methods involved are, in a word, “advanced,” he explains. As the racers roam through the track, a GPS signal is transmitted from the car and back to a laptop, which stores that information using speciallydesigned software. The laptop then uses a radio-controlled chip to transmit its output directly back to the Smart Cone beacons out on the circuit in real-time using a mesh network. The pulse tells the beacons to change colour, light up or power down depending on the car’s location on the circuit, ultimately guiding the driver through to the next turn. As it all happens within milliseconds, drivers are forced to constantly stay alert, while pushing themselves – and the selection of powerful Jaguars available to drive on the Smart THE ART OF PERFORMANCE “Don’t go too fast into the corner, but don’t brake too little, either” Cone circuits – to their full potential. The GPS system is infinitely more accurate than the off-the-shelf solutions usually found in cars and is able to pinpoint the precise location of the car on the circuit down to 200 millimetres while pinging the laptop 100 times each second. So even the minutest change in a car’s performance on the track is recorded and used to reconfigure the circuit in real-time. Once the course has been completed, the data delivers a detailed breakdown of how you did, based on key performance indicators. “We record three bits of data: distance, accuracy and time,” explains Garrity. “Across those three elements you then get a score.” And the results can be surprising, as you’ll need to master all the aspects of a perfect run to hit the high-score. Professional drivers like Carroll and his co-driver Mitch Evans, who have both tested the Smart Cone technology extensively, know this. But still they may not always get the winning time, Garrity explains, as Smart Cone ensures that no two circuits are ever the same. There simply is no way of knowing how the course will develop, other than to sit in a top-tuned Jaguar and try to juggle speeding, braking and awareness at once, as you try and beat the cones. This, he continues, guarantees a unique experience where literally anyone can clock up the best time and come out a winner on a given day. “The interesting thing I see around the world is smallscale competition,” says Garrity. “We see the husband goes for all out speed and time and forgets about the distance and accuracy, whereas the wife comes along and tends to get a higher score overall.” Soon, these small but decisive differences will be quantifiable in a grand world ranking, too. “We’re looking at operating a global, regional and country specific competition using Smart Cone,” Garrity says. “People will be able to come along and compete on a state-of-the-art Smart Cone course to win prizes like tickets to Formula E races.” But as well as physical prizes, there’s that personal pride at stake – above all the ability to claim that you’ve tackled a racing circuit like no other in the world. Visit to register for a chance to drive Smart Cone on The Art of Performance Tour 2 THE JAGUAR 59




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