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The Jaguar #02

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In this issue, we introduce a fresh new addition to the Jaguar family with the launch of the E-PACE. F1 racer Romain Grosjean reveals his passion for Jaguar while the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team give an insight into their preparations. Plus, we get to grips with the fast-paced sport of drone racing and spend a unique day with the XF Sportbrake.


MARKE MENTAL PREPARATION When Saturday finally comes, another key difference between Formula E and other racing series is brought sharply into focus. As Evans confirms: “The fact that we only have one day to cram in what other series split over two or three days is the most demanding part. Formula E has two free practice sessions, qualifying, Super Pole and the race all in one day. This means that it goes by so fast, and it’s an intense day to get right. There are media activities to plan around as well during the week, so even though the day is reserved for the race you have to come well prepared mentally.” Now the schedule pace quickens further as the day is split into 10- or 15-minute increments from the moment parc fermé opens at 06.30. Following a track inspection and safety car exercise, drivers Adam and Mitch finally get onto the track for a 45-minute practice session, followed by a detailed debrief. Qualifying is then split into four groups, and runs between 12.00 and 12.45. The Super Pole shoot-out – another Formula E innovation, in which the top five compete for pole position – runs from 12.45 to 13.00. And by now, the action is intense. From monitoring track conditions and opponent manoeuvres, to overseeing communication and energy use: managing race strategy requires a steady hand and a clear overview at all times FACTS AND FIGURES STEERING Steering is handled with a nonassisted rack and pinion steering system, featuring a dashboard incorporated into the steering wheel. WHEELS AND TYRES The I-TYPE sits on four bespoke 18” Michelin tyres for use in both wet and dry conditions. Fitted on braid racing magnesium rims, the front set has a maximum width of 260mm, and the rear 305mm. The maximum diameter is 650mm for the front set and 690mm for the rear. BRAKES The I-TYPE’s carbon race brakes serve a dual purpose as they also offer regenerative charging of the car’s battery through the MGU on the rear axle. 40 THE JAGUAR

PHOTOGRAPHY: LAT PHOTOGRAPHY The day of the race is when the team sees their careful preparation pay off. Once the engines get going, the attention to detail will pave the way for the right results IN THE COURSE OF SEASONS 1 AND 2, THE BATTERY POWERED FORMULA E CARS HAVE TRAVELLED A COMBINED DISTANCE OF 119,000KM. THAT’S THREE TIMES AROUND THE EARTH, OR ROUGHLY A THIRD OF THE WAY TO THE MOON BUILDING MOMENTUM Mexico City was Formula E’s 25th race, and a quick look at the qualification times confirms just how exciting and competitive this series is becoming. The intensity and myriad factors to monitor on the track once the cars start racing is what sets the series apart. Coorey says: “Managing strategy is very demanding, but I also find it very enjoyable. I have to monitor everything closely – the timing, TV feed, messages from race control, our competitors, energy use and what’s remaining, the battery temperature. On top of all that, I have to communicate with the driver and decide on how best to use our energy.” Still, the preparation and hard work paid off, both in the qualifying rounds and in the main race; Carroll qualified to line up 12th on the grid, only 0.841 seconds off pole-sitter Oliver Turvey. Mitch Evans started a mere one-hundredth of a second behind him. In the end the race was Jaguar’s best result yet: Evans finished fourth, within striking distance of winner Lucas di Grassi, with Carroll in eighth place just a few seconds adrift. “We got into a nice rhythm and I ran on really good energy levels with a strong pace. To finish with double points is huge for the team,” says Evans. Team director James Barclay adds: “To get to this position after only four races is a good sign of what’s to come. For a new team like us it gives you energy to build on, and is a bit of payback for the long hours everyone has put in.” And with that, the team can call it a day, pack their gear and head back to the Oxfordshire headquarters – where the preparation for the series’ next race in Monaco will begin right away. To see more of the action, visit ONE FORMULA E BATTERY CONTAINS 200KG OF LITHIUM-ION CELLS. THAT IS THE EQUIVALENT OF 300 LAPTOP BATTERIES OR 4,000 SMARTPHONE BATTERIES THE JAGUAR 41




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