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The Jaguar #02

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In this issue, we introduce a fresh new addition to the Jaguar family with the launch of the E-PACE. F1 racer Romain Grosjean reveals his passion for Jaguar while the Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team give an insight into their preparations. Plus, we get to grips with the fast-paced sport of drone racing and spend a unique day with the XF Sportbrake.

If you’d said when I

If you’d said when I first THE CHIEF ENGINEER started at Jaguar 25 years GRAHAM WILKINS – E-PACE ago that I’d be the Chief CHIEF PRODUCT ENGINEER Programme Engineer for a performance SUV like this, I’d have thought you were crazy. But I knew that if we were really going to break the mould and challenge the notions of what a Jaguar could or should be, I’d need a young and very talented team around me. That’s what I had. And throughout this project we just tried to think about things differently. It’s the job I’ve always wanted. When we started, we realised that many customers want a car that makes them feel the way a sports car does, but their life stage or lifestyle choice means they need at least four seats and plenty of space. So we started talking about a sports car you could use every day. We wanted to deliver the ultimate balance between beauty and practicality. I believe we’ve struck that balance. To me, the packaging of the car is just as good as the exterior design. If you look at the interior, there’s huge attention to detail around the stowage in the car. There are some really clever features in the cubby box between the front seats for example, and in the doors, the glove box and the boot to make sure the car is very usable. Of course we’ve been able to access the technology from our sister brand Land Rover, but we’ve tuned it differently for a Jaguar. In the types of conditions you might want to use your Jaguar in, like wet grass, in snow or on ice, it’s absolutely capable. I believe that you’ll buy a car once because of the way it looks, but you’ll come back for another if you feel like it’s met all your needs, and even anticipated some you didn’t expect. For me the E-PACE does this, and I’m sure we’ll get a lot of loyal, repeat customers. “A BALANCE BETWEEN BEAUTY AND PRACTICALITY” JAGUAR-TUNED PERFORMANCE • Intuitive All Wheel Drive • Low Friction Launch • All Surface Progress Control • Active Driveline for increased agility • Fully independent suspension • Optional Adaptive Dynamics system • Sophisticated multilink rear suspension • Torque Vectoring for sharper turning • 1,800kg towing capacity 22 THE JAGUAR

You can’t deny the statistics. THE MOTORING JOURNALIST & MUM Globally, compact SUVs are ERIN BAKER – MANAGING DIRECTOR the fastest growing sector of CARS, THE TELEGRAPH the car market. As buyers, we just love that combination of raised ride height, a bigger boot, room for five passengers, and the extra security of all-wheel drive. Most people need these types of cars to be a practical means of transport, often for a family. But it’s also a big purchase, so we want good looks to project the right image. Premium brands like Jaguar have a big part to play in the SUV market - design and brand appeal really matter here. The F-PACE was a brave move, and it’s been very well received. Now we have the E-PACE, which comes down a size and now opens up a whole new market. When you look at the specifications for the car, it’s clear that Jaguar has stayed close to its roots in dynamic driving. I think this will be a more purposeful driver’s car than most SUVs. It won’t disappoint current Jaguar owners, who perhaps already have an F-TYPE and need an SUV for family duties. But it will also reassure customers new to the brand that the Jaguar DNA hasn’t been diluted. As a mum of two, I think it will also play the versatile family car very well. The interior has some clever touches, and that wide boot space is really important to families loading up their shopping, holiday bags or kids’ bikes. Talking to the engineers, I know they worked hard to create more rear legroom - that’s important. If I set out to design an everyday sports car with a raised ride height and a big boot, I think it would look a lot like this. “IT WILL PLAY THE VERSATILE FAMILY CAR VERY WELL” THE JAGUAR 23

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