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WORLD EXCLUSIVE experience has vaulted. It’s a little bit like my career. I’d been driving for a long time so I was used to the road and handling a car, but suddenly to be in a Jaguar was sort of akin to being behind the wheel of some of these incredible parts I play. There is a parallel. They both just leapt.” “I’D BEEN DRIVING FOR A LONG TIME BUT SUDDENLY TO BE IN A JAGUAR WAS SORT OF AKIN TO BEING BEHIND THE WHEEL OF SOME OF THESE INCREDIBLE PARTS I PLAY. THERE IS A PARALLEL. THEY BOTH JUST LEAPT” Through his relationship with Jaguar – lending his voice to its recent advertising campaigns and as one of its spokesmen – he’s been lucky enough to drive some of the most exciting cars in the range. Like the F-TYPE Convertible up the famous Californian Pacific Coastal Highway “that was a thrilling ride with the most amazing switchback roads and stunning views either side. An amazing marriage of geography and vehicle,” and more recently the F-TYPE Coupe, “for me it has it all and because it is a hard top it immediately feels like a grown-up sports car.” Cumberbatch likes soundtracks for such missions to be suitably cinematic – what else? – and he name-checks Sigur Rós and a bit of classical and choral music as calm and soothing directions as well as Young Fathers and Jungle at other times. Could such a smooth-voiced individual possibly have a bad driving habit? If so, he’s not quite letting on. “My worst driving habit is caring about other people’s bad driving habits,” he sighs. “I just need to learn to let go. I’m always amazed when I’m driven by professional drivers at how tolerant they are. You get the odd one that seems to be on the edge of a psychotic episode, but generally I don’t know how people do it as a daily job, I really don’t.” At this point we descend through the hotel to do our final photoshoot in the back of the XJ outside the busy hotel (with just such a calm driver upfront). So high is his star currently it’s impossible for Cumberbatch to avoid attention. Earlier, in the upstairs foyer, a woman appears out of nowhere to interrupt our conversation and thrusts a pen and pad into his hand saying “My son’s your biggest fan, his name is Joe, J-O-E, thanks” and is off as quickly as she arrived. And in the lift, we join a well-to-do Asian family staying in one of the hotel’s exclusive suites. When the penny drops as to Cumberbatch’s presence, the 30-something mum starts bowing, smiling and shuffling out of the lift like she’s just witnessed a deity. Cumberbatch remains unfailingly polite throughout. Then – a few more photos and conversations later – it’s time for Cumberbatch to get chauffeured to his next engagement. Despite how much fun all this must be for him, I can’t help feeling that Cumberbatch might fancy a little downtime. What would he do on a day off from work? “Very, very little. It’s a foreign concept to me at the moment,” he concedes. “I would go for a walk, do some exercise and just read anything that’s nothing to do with work or the news. Just for pleasure.” View from a dynamic building of a dynamic city DRAMATIC HISTORY Shakespeare’s Globe is a fullyworking recreation of the sort of Elizabethan theatre the great writer’s plays would have been performed in back in the early 1600s. The original Globe was actually some 200 metres inland from the new version’s more prominent riverside location on London’s Southbank SCIENCE BREAKTHROUGHS Inventor John Logie Baird is credited with transmitting the first live, moving television image from his laboratory at 22 Frith Street in Soho. The first ‘face on TV’ was William Taynton – picked at random as he happened to work in an office downstairs 68 j THE DYNAMIC ISSUE

COMFORT ZONE Cumberbatch catches a calm moment among his hectic schedule in the back of the luxurious XJ outside the Shangri-La hotel at The Shard Make-up: Donald McInness Styling: Joe Woolfe FINANCIAL POWERHOUSE The City of London – also known as the Square Mile and so-named as it represents the boundary of the old City of London – is a city within a city and now one of the most important financial centres in the world with iconic buildings to match, like 30 St Mary Axe, known as “The Gherkin” after the pickled cucumber of the same shape, if not construction GLOBAL LANDMARK Few London landmarks are more famous than Tower Bridge – named after the almost as iconic Tower of London to its left. The design was completed in 1894 to allow a new road crossing over the Thames while also being able to raise its centre sections to allow tall-masted ships to navigate through. Even to this day, it still rises hundreds of times a year

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Jaguar Magazine celebrates creativity in all its forms, with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from beautiful design to cutting-edge technology.

In this issue, we explore the art of creativity from the Brazilian masters who devised the graceful art of Capoeira, to the Irish artists mixing new culture with old. You will also discover the creative line that links Victorian wallpaper to the iPhone. While the multi-talented actor and performer, Riz Ahmed, explains why it is the right time to reveal his true self to the world.


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