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GROUP TEST AWD’S NOT ONLY SAFER IN TREACHEROUS CONDITIONS, IT GIVES YOU MORE CONFIDENCE WHATEVER THE WEATHER ON A MISSION Some of Wales’ twistiest, and most beautiful roads were tackled by the fivestrong AWD range: right, XJ and XF, and above, F-TYPE R, XE and F-PACE 60 j THE DESIGN ISSUE

Wales is a driver’s paradise. Up here in Snowdonia National Park, traffic is sparse, the scenery stunning and the roads rival the best in the world. Combine their challenging twists with unpredictable weather and you’ve got perfect all-wheel drive country. Every Jaguar now offers all-wheel drive (AWD) – the XE, XF, XJ, F-PACE and F-TYPE models covering everything from efficient 2.0 diesels to high-performance petrol sports cars – so we’re testing an example of each first-hand, to experience its advantages. The XJ limousine was first in Jaguar’s current line-up to offer AWD, and proves a soothing companion on the long trip from London to North Wales. At a cruise, you’re simply unaware of AWD working wonders, and that’s the idea: Jaguar engineers’ targeted the sports car purity of rearwheel drive (RWD) with added AWD security. That’s why, in normal driving, the XJ is predominantly RWD. Only when roads tangle and twist, or when you accelerate more keenly from low-traction surfaces, does the system subtly channel power forwards. It means you trade wheel-slip under more extreme circumstances for serene progress, making a large luxury car like the XJ even more refined. Arriving in Wales to meet the rest of the road test and photoshoot team on the edge of Bala Lake, craggy mountain tops dusted with icing-sugar snow are visible in the far distance. As cars are polished and shots composed, I jump in the XE and sneak off for a drive. The XE is the compact premium saloon that introduced Jaguar’s advanced new Lightweight Aluminium Architecture and AWD is now available in both diesel and petrol models (depending on market region). Like the XJ’s system, AWD is fully variable, but the XE is 90% RWD in normal conditions, and uses Intelligent Driveline Dynamics (IDD) to constantly vary the torque between both axles. IDD was first developed to preserve the sporting characteristics of the AWD F-TYPE, and seamlessly co-ordinates responses from the engine, gearbox, and traction and stability control. From standstill it can transition from RWD to AWD in just 165 milliseconds or in as little as 100 milliseconds when the car is moving. It doesn’t just react to slip either, it anticipates it thanks to sensors measuring throttle and steering inputs. When slip becomes inevitable, the system pre-emptively transfers more than 90% of engine torque from the rear wheels to the front wheels to provide optimum traction. It’s a potent combination, bringing added composure to the XE’s renowned agility without diluting driver enjoyment and helps our model deploy its power effortlessly, making this a sure-footed and highly entertaining mission. The XF builds on the XE formula, with the same AWD system, a driving experience that can thrill and cosset in equal measure, and with added space and luxury. We’re driving the efficient 2.0-litre diesel, an 180PS engine that’s punchy and pulls keenly from subterranean revs. Again you’re barely aware of its AWD interventions, but just sense that you can push the accelerator further and earlier in a bend; it’s not only safer in treacherous conditions, it gives you more confidence whatever the weather. Like the XE, the XF’s AWD remains 90% RWD in normal THE DESIGN ISSUE j 61

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