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The Blockbuster Issue

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Sizing up the clay,

Sizing up the clay, left: James Hope, Jaguar design clay modeller. Below left: Julian Thomson, Jaguar‘s director of advanced design STYLE BY DESIGN OLIVER SWEENEY AND JAGUAR PARTNER UP TO DESIGN A NEW FORMAL SHOE. J-MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES TO KEEP YOU ONE STEP AHEAD… Using Jaguar’s long-established design clay model sculpture process, Jaguar director of advanced design Julian Thomson and Oliver Sweeney cobbler-in-chief Tim Cooper have collaborated to create an F-TYPE-inspired shoe. “Once the clay has been applied, it can be changed quickly, efficiently and easily to the designer’s requirements,” confirms Cooper, Oliver Sweeney’s cobbler-in-chief. “This enables the designer to put as much input as he can into the design.” “We felt we could very much lend this process to developing the shoe for Oliver Sweeney,” continued Jaguar’s Thomson. “The sculptural qualities, the proportions, the delicacy of line are all common attributes and characteristics we see in both the Jaguar brand and the Oliver Sweeney shoe.” Either way, we certainly aren’t ones to argue, when the Italian-made formal shoes end up looking as good as this. Set to go on sale September 2015 and available in black and brown I THINK THE PROCESS OF TAKING 2D TO 3D WITH A JAGUAR CAR CAN BE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS IT IS WITH AN OLIVER SWEENEY SHOE… PHOTOGRAPHY: PR (8) 74 j THE BLOCKBUSTER ISSUE

NEWS & EVENTS Selfie! Triple Wimbledon champ John McEnroe turned XE chauffeur to surprise two lucky guests. Below: Jaguar tech also sensed the crowd‘s mood JAGUAR REALLY ‘FEELS’ WIMBLEDON NEW TECH SENSES THE EMOTION OF THE WORLD’S MOST FAMOUS TENNIS TOURNAMENT, PARTIES GALORE AND JAGUAR’S MYSTERY CHAUFFEUR REVEALED At the 2015 Wimbledon tennis tournament, Jaguar made a few grand slam headlines of its own. It helped host pre-tournament parties with the Women’s Tennis Association, chauffeured VIPs to evening soirees, called up one special VIP to do some mystery chauffeuring of his own and measured fans’ excitement through cutting-edge technology. The all-new Jaguar XE was the official car of Wimbledon for those attending The Ralph Lauren and Vogue magazine Wimbledon summer cocktail party with stars of tennis, film, music and fashion in attendance. Jaguar also took over the Kensington Roof Gardens, another glamorous pre-tournament gathering with the Women’s Tennis Association, with a tournament-appropriate purple carpet rolled out for guests, rather than the more customary red one. In a technical twist, the entire event was kitted out with sociometric, biometric and atmospheric sensors to measure fan reaction to the female professionals, celebs and VIP guests – the results of which were then shown on a bio-reactive screen just by the purple carpet. Jaguar used this technology throughout the tournament, measuring the fans’ collective tension in the stands to give a sense of how the Wimbledon crowds truly ‘felt’ at numerous heartstopping match points. The technology was also put to a third and particularly entertaining use when three-times Wimbledon winner and all-round tennis legend John McEnroe escorted two unsuspecting fans in a new XE to Wimbledon’s famous SW19 London postcode. Safe to say, the cutting edge sensors caught the excitement of the tennis fans perfectly, as heart rates were recorded increasing 60% to 93 beats per minute. JAGUAR HERITAGE TROPHY LAUNCHED 100 OF THE FINEST JAGUAR CARS EVER MADE ASSEMBLE AT SCOTTISH PALACE Edinburgh’s elegant Holyrood House played host to the first ever ‘Jaguar Concours Trophy’ in early September as 100 of the finest Jaguars from the around the globe were assembled for public appreciation and prize-giving. Judged by Jaguar’s design director Ian Callum the entrants drove into the grounds of the famous Scottish palace and lined up in categories – from Pre-War to Classics of the Future – as part of the annual Concours of Elegance’s new ‘Jaguar Saturday’ event. At the time of going to press a winner had not been announced, so to find out more, go to: THE BLOCKBUSTER ISSUE j 75

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In this issue, we explore the art of creativity from the Brazilian masters who devised the graceful art of Capoeira, to the Irish artists mixing new culture with old. You will also discover the creative line that links Victorian wallpaper to the iPhone. While the multi-talented actor and performer, Riz Ahmed, explains why it is the right time to reveal his true self to the world.


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