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IGNITION Going faster...

IGNITION Going faster... has been an obssession of mankind for quite a while as these records show. UK’s Bloodhound SSC (pictured) project is hoping to add its name to the car record in 2015 by aiming to reach 1000mph (preferably without exploding the wheels). Jaguar pedals a brand new bike with Pinarello IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CYCLE TEAM SKY the Dogma F8 was developed using Jaguar Land Rover’s computional fluid dynamics software to make the whole bike cut through the air 26.1% more efficiently than before. Raced throughout the 2014 season by professional champions like Chris Froome, it’s also available for very keen amateurs but you’ll want to take good care of it as the list price is £10,999 (€13,900). street A superb new Jaguarassisted high-performance cycle, some big speed records and roads to admire – and maybe one day tackle – plus £1800 of camera kit to win HIGHEST ROAD Semo La, Tibet 18,258ft (5565 metres) LONGEST STRAIGHT STRETCH OF ROAD Eyre Highway, 90 Mile Road, Australia 91.3 miles (147km) STEEPEST ROAD Baldwin Road, New Zealand, 35 % ascending slope Epic roads... to visit before you die, because, as American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson famously put it: “Life is a journey not a destination”. Too true Ralph MOST HAIRPINS Stelvio Pass, Italy 60 (pictured) FASTEST PUBLIC ROAD Autobahn A31, Meppen-Leer, Germany no speed limit, little traffic LONGEST ROAD Yonge Street, Toronto to Barrie, Ontario 1178miles (1896km) CAR (wheel-driven record) 1898 | 39mph 63,15 km/h 1997 | 763mph 1228km/h Record holder: Thrust SSC MOTORCYCLE 1902 | 64mph (103km/h) 2010 | 376mph 606km/h Record holder: Top 1 Ack Attack BICYCLE 1980 |50mph 80 km/h 2013 | 83mph 134 km/h Record holder: Sebastiaan Bowier PLANE (air-breathing) 1903 |7mph 11km/h Record holder: Lockheed SR-71 TRAIN (electric) 1901 | 101mph 163km/h 1976 | 2193mph 3530km/h 2007 | 357mph 575km/h Record holder: TGV Win ONE OF FIVE GOPRO CAMERAS WORTH £360 EACH What do you think of J-Magazine? Answer this simple question and others in our quick online survey and you could be in with the chance of winning a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Go to: PHOTOGRAPHY: PR (3); STUDIO BOX/GETTY IMAGES 12 j THE PERFORMANCE ISSUE

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THE JAGUAR magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

In the latest issue of The Jaguar magazine, we tour beautiful Portugal in the game-changing New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE, and learn what it took to build this truly desirable electric vehicle by interviewing the key players involved in its creation. The themes of cutting-edge innovation continue as we get a first look at a classic E-type with a difference, and explore the latest trends in creative artificial intelligence and smart home technology. Get an insight into the world of high performance through our interviews of Formula E racing driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and tennis star Johanna Konta, and join us for visceral thrills as we hit the Jaguar Ice Academy’s Arctic tracks along with some unusual passengers.

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