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In this issue we return to top level motorsport but not in a conventional way, and by doing so accelerate the development of electric powertrains. In tandem, we introduce our Jaguar I-PACE Concept vehicle - a revolutionary new model available to reserve now for delivery in 2018.


I-PACE CONCEPT ENGINEERING The I-PACE Concept features two extremely efficient electric motors which together produce 400PS and 700Nm of instantaneous torque, meaning 0-60mph in around 4 seconds Driven by the same passion that powers Jaguar Racing’s entry to the FIA Formula E World Championship, Jaguar engineers have designed a unique electric drivetrain for the new I-PACE Concept. At its heart are two compact and efficient, synchronous, permanent magnet motors. They take their power from another piece of fresh Jaguar thinking, the lithium-ion battery pack which uses the very latest pouch cell technology. The pack, rated at 90kWh, is mounted as low as possible moving I-PACE Concept’s centre of gravity closer to the ground. A low CoG combined with typical Jaguar doublewishbone front and integral link rear suspension ensures the I-PACE Concept delivers an experience more than familiar to Jaguar drivers. 24 THE JAGUAR






THE JAGUAR magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

The latest issue of The Jaguar magazine introduces our new ‘cub’, the E-PACE compact practical sports car, which is already turning heads on the street. As we commit to electrifying every new Jaguar from 2020, we explore how pushing boundaries on track helps develop our sports cars, from writing motorsport history at Le Mans, to taking on the Nürburgring with the extreme XE SV Project 8 and being at the very cutting edge with the FIA Formula E Championship.

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