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PEOPLE DR THOMAS POPHAM, 33 Day job: Technical specialist, self-learning car project Education: Mechanical Engineering degree, PhD in Computer Science Spare time: Skiing and other outdoor pursuits We’re working on research that uses machine-learning techniques to learn driver preferences. This area is interesting because it is so varied – we need electrical and mechanical engineers, computer scientists, project managers, psychologists and more. Obviously a solid educational background is important, but after that, communication, teamwork and stamina are absolutely essential. Vehicle intelligence is going to be such a big improvement – especially as cars become connected to each other and ‘the cloud’. The car industry is making some great progress in terms of CO 2 performance, but I’ll be really excited to see the day when this problem is solved. LINH NGUYEN SLATER, 29 Day job: Human Machine Interface specialist for self-learning car project Education: Bachelor and Master of Science degrees Spare time: Cooking and eating. “My friends call me the Iron Chef or the Vietnamese Martha Stewart” I’m involved in developing the interfaces for artificial intelligence in the self-learning car. Engineers build the back end while I focus on the front-end, customer-facing design. I conduct user testing to ensure interfaces we design are safe, usable and delightful. I stumbled upon human factors design, also known as ergonomics, HMI or user experience, when I was studying medicine. It’s a field that combines people, engineering and design – just the thing for an artsy scientist that loves people. I cannot wait until the self-learning car is ready in the next six years. It will be the first time that machine learning techniques will be used in a car and will also serve as a natural transition into autonomous driving. 34 j THE DYNAMIC ISSUE

JOHN PEPPERELL, 49 Day job: Senior business and product planning manager Education: Mechanical Engineering degree Spare time: Running halfmarathons, motorcycling and bringing up four kids At school, when everyone else was playing football, the guys I was hanging out with were into fixing old cars like Humber Sceptres, Vauxhall Vivas and Hillman Avengers. The base parts of an engine have been the same for 100 years but what has changed is some of the peripheral technology. A lot of what I do now is about electronic adaption of the engine. It needs to be great in all conditions so we have to adapt the timing and fuelling and for that you need lots of sensors and actuators. In 15 years I think there will still be conventional engines but by then hybrids will be ‘conventional’ technology and we’ll be at the front-end of fuel cell technology perhaps. Make-up: Jodie Hyams Hair: Natasha Buchanan





THE JAGUAR magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

Led by an exclusive and insightful interview with unconventional actor and Jaguar campaign star Eva Green, this issue is full of Jaguar spirit. See the Jaguar XE 300 SPORT and XE SV Project 8 unleashed on the volcanic slopes of Sicily, go behind the scenes of setting two world records, look ahead to the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Championship season debut, learn the secrets of thrill-making from three renowned proponents of the art, and much more.

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