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The DESIGN Issue

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Me and my Jaguar FOR OUR

Me and my Jaguar FOR OUR DESIGN-THEMED ISSUE, WE CHOSE TWO JAGUAR OWNERS WITH DECIDEDLY ARTISTIC LEANINGS TO TELL THEIR STORIES, IN THEIR WORDS The E-Type possesses the same NAME Alexander Luzius Ziermann Occupation: Artist incredible beauty as the sites for Home: Frankfurt, Germany my art installations. I drive the car Model: 1973 E-Type (Series 3) as much as I can – now it’s in my Colour: Multiple (hand-painted) studio for a little TLC – but as soon as possible, I will be on the road again. It is a mobile work of art and people react. With an E-Type you generally get a lot of attention, even if it isn’t an art installation, but I never thought I would attract this much attention. 99.9% of that attention is positive. Only when I was in the planning phase of this project did some people not understand how I could ‘ruin’ such a great car. Ultimately even the biggest sceptics were converted. There was only one second, in which I took pause: When I made the first stroke. I think that’s normal. When you care “WITH AN E-TYPE YOU GENERALLY GET A LOT OF ATTENTION, EVEN IF IT ISN’T AN ART INSTALLATION, BUT I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD ATTRACT THIS MUCH ATTENTION” about something you can’t go at it hastily. My car has a name: ET. I can’t imagine a life without him: the feeling of the steering wheel between my hands, the beautiful fittings, and even the scratches. He just belongs to me. Sometimes I even speak to him... Does ET stand for E-Type? Actually yes. Surprisingly, I only noticed this later. Initially I wanted the number plate Frankfurt SL 2506; SL for ‘Signature of Light’ and ‘2506’ for the amount of mirrors in my installations. But it was not available. Instead I chose ET 2506. My significant other said she would never set foot in a painted car. But when my project was finished and I saw her bright eyes that was the best experience. Would I ever sell the car? That was never my first thought. But for my installations I need large funds, so if someone would offer me a few million for ET, I might have to reconsider. But we would both have to make that decision together. 74 j THE DESIGN ISSUE

PEOPLE My wife’s job moves our family around – from Boston to Switzerland – and now London. I’ve always made art on the side of my architectural practice but when I got here I wanted to have a gallery in the neighbourhood, in this case Clapham. It’s been open one and a half years and is called The Last Supper because the architect and artist Leonardo da Vinci (and his painting of the same name) made a big impression on me. The gallery started out with me being the sole artist, but has since grown to 20. Shortly after settling into London, I re-connected with an old school friend heavily involved in classic cars who kept complaining that I worked too much and insisted on dragging me out of the house to spend an evening in Greenwich for one of the monthly ‘Park-it-in-the-Market’ classic car events. On the way out the door my daughter, now eight years old, half-jokingly, told me to buy a car for us while I was there. And that’s what I ended up doing. The Jaguar at the car show was the only one with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it and the more I kept circling back around, the more appealing it looked. NAME Andrew Wenrick Occupation: Gallery owner, artist and architect Home: London, England Model: 1984 XJ6 Sovereign 4.2 (Series 3) Colour: Cranberry red “NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS HAD I THOUGHT I WOULD BECOME A JAGUAR OWNER. PEOPLE SAY IT SUITS ME” Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would become a Jaguar owner. But after several weeks of meeting the owner and getting to know the XJ6, we became its proud owners. In London, we don’t drive much, but it is nice to get out on the weekends to exercise it. We took it down to Switzerland one summer and during another we toured the Upper Loire Valley in France. It’s a very comfortable touring vehicle and also has surprising speed on the motorways. I’ve become a calmer driver since. People say it suits me.” Andrew and his six-month-old Hungarian Vizsla called Amélie. She’s cute, but boisterous and certainly not allowed in the XJ6 THE DESIGN ISSUE j 75





THE JAGUAR magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

In the latest issue of The Jaguar magazine, we tour beautiful Portugal in the game-changing New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE, and learn what it took to build this truly desirable electric vehicle by interviewing the key players involved in its creation. The themes of cutting-edge innovation continue as we get a first look at a classic E-type with a difference, and explore the latest trends in creative artificial intelligence and smart home technology. Get an insight into the world of high performance through our interviews of Formula E racing driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and tennis star Johanna Konta, and join us for visceral thrills as we hit the Jaguar Ice Academy’s Arctic tracks along with some unusual passengers.

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