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The DESIGN Issue

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The power of design before and after From economics to sport and health to safety, we look at how good design has changed the world INFOGRAFIC: Peter Stadden RESEARCH: Carmen Safdari & Guy Bird 1 CULTURE: MIAMI DESIGN DISTRICT (est. 2007) 2 The part of Miami now defined as the Design District was previously a run-down area only known for a few furniture stores. In 2016 it’s a booming arts destination BEFORE 0 Art galleries, cafés and fashion stores AFTER 160 Art galleries, cafés and fashion stores ECONOMICS: APPLE (pivotal year 1997) 1997 was the year Steve Jobs returned to Apple as CEO and Jonathan Ive was promoted to senior vice president of industrial design. As the world bought its iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad products the firm’s market capitalisation rate hasn’t looked back STEVE JOBS JONATHAN IVE 6bn 2016 bn 1998 2016 1987 1997 42 j THE DESIGN ISSUE

3 SPORT: 4 BIGGER TENNIS RACKETS (late 70s) Replacing wood with synthetic materials enabled rackets to get bigger and lighter to improve topspin and the game’s speed and skill HEALTH: AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR (AED) (1990*) *Portable defibrillators were designed in the 1960s but weren’t in common use until much later. By 1990 they were fitted to all frontline ambulances in the UK Survival rates for out-ofhospital cardiac arrest With AED 50% Without AED 14 % up to the late 70s 9 x 27” 200 rpm topspin 5 TOURISM: GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM BILBAO 6 (opened 1997) This northern Spanish city was a very minor tourist destination before its council and local sponsors invested in a stunning art museum by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry. Its economic transformation was so great it has coined the phrase “the Bilbao effect” = 25k visitors SAFETY: SEAT BELTS (first 3-point harness made standard in 1959) Up to 75% reduction in fatality risk for REAR seat passengers 1000 rpm +500% to p spi n 1992 - 100k post 1970s 10 x 27” OPEN! 1m lives saved since 1959 1997 - 300k 2006 - 1m Up to 50% reduction in fatality risk for FRONT seat passengers THE DESIGN ISSUE j 43





THE JAGUAR magazine celebrates the art of performance with exclusive features that inspire sensory excitement, from dynamic driving to seductive design and cutting-edge technology.

Led by an exclusive and insightful interview with unconventional actor and Jaguar campaign star Eva Green, this issue is full of Jaguar spirit. See the Jaguar XE 300 SPORT and XE SV Project 8 unleashed on the volcanic slopes of Sicily, go behind the scenes of setting two world records, look ahead to the Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Championship season debut, learn the secrets of thrill-making from three renowned proponents of the art, and much more.

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